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How to give your support

Would you like to help Green Windows support the creative development and authentic expression of disadvantaged youth and others in our community?

There are several ways you can help:

Please send items to Green Windows, PO Box 20115, Oakland CA 94620. Or email us for a street address.  Thanks!!!

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  • Donate! Green Windows runs community and youth creative workshops for under the general market fees and often for free. Your tax deductible donation would help to pay for paper, copies, prompts, transportation and home-baked cookies. Your donation could also help with the general costs of this website, business cards, postcards, mailings, fundraising workshops, and other things that will lead to more funding! A small percentage of your donation would also be supporting Intersection for the Arts and their amazing Incubator program.
    • You could also send a check. Make it payable to our fiscal sponsor "Intersection for the Arts." Please mention Green Windows on the memo line.  Mail the check to 
      • Green Windows
        PO Box 20115
        Oakland CA 94620

  • Lend us your skills! Green Windows can always use a hand with this website, proofreading, fundraising, getting the word out, baking cookies, etc! Just let us know you've got a hand to lend!


Support Given

For their support of all kinds, Green Windows would like to thank

Donald Macleay
Sam Macleay
Alain Del Mir Claudel
Green Windows Board of Advisors
Pat Schneider
Maureen Buchanan Jones
Valerie Brunner
Ronan Claure
Bill Simmons
Liz Simmons
Gigi Simmons
Leo Butler
Martha Simmons
Betsy Simmons
Matt Hannibal
Clara Butler
Andrea Butler
Teresa Mora
Hans Wuerfmannsdobler
Jennifer Nette
Laetitia Claudel
Dolina Claudel
John Browner
Lisa Yarger
Greta Yarger-Browner
Robin Rice Mohr
Elena Berman
Eden Williams
The Fourth World Movement
The Beat Within
Rock Paper Scissors Collective
Laney College Office of Instruction
Youth UpRising
826 Valencia
Eloise Duff
Sheerly Avni
Amy Cheney
Nancy Schimmel
Regina Davis
East Bay Gives
Emma Spertus
Jeff and Marie-France Steiner
Stephanie Baker
Susan Schacher
Kathleen Pappert
Meryl Siegal
Joan Marie Wood
Juliet Langley
Angela Tavares
Carrie Brightman
Desi Cortijo
Rachel I. Crossot
Steven Crossot
Mark Poirier
Guy Warner
Kim Nelson
Paul Flores
Naomi Rifkin
Damien-Guillaume Audollent
Julia Schroeter
Laurčne André
B. Lynn Goodwin
The Foundation Center
Craiglist Foundation Bootcamp
Oscar Wolters-Duran
AshEL Eldridge
Allan Tinker
Cathy Warner
Isabella Salaverry
Pat McCutcheon
Michele Praeger
Octopus Literary Salon
Chapter 510
Charlie and Max
Nira and Tess

and not least: Intersection for the Arts


fiscally sponsored by

We are a Member of Intersection for the Arts. Intersection provides resources, community and cultural space in order to contribute to the sustainable practices of artists and arts organizations the San Francisco Bay Area. Visit