Green Windows Workshops

All Green Windows Workshops use the
Amherst Writers and Artists method
and are facilitated by Peggy Simmons

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Green Windows provides a safe, creative environment where writers of all experiences, ages, and backgrounds can write freely and deeply.

In addition to writing workshops for the general public, we offer opportunities for the development of creativity and self-expression to people in the community who are least likely to join a writing workshop or have support for personal artistic expression. Further, we use creative writing workshops to bring together people who might never otherwise cross paths. While we work with all ages, we know that there is something especially important to learn through writing with young adults. 

What do Green Windows writers say about writing together?

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Current Workshops

These monthly creative writing workshops are for writers of all levels, experiences and genres. It is perfect for the just-beginning writer as well as practiced writers who need a new spark, want to take new risks, or seek community. Young adults 16 years old and older are especially encouraged to come.

7 - 10 p.m. on the fourth Sunday of each month:
Omni Commons
Disco Room (!)
4799 Shattuck Ave

The Omni is a grassroots, 100%-volunteer run community space. We are excited about working with a collective again. (We had this workshop at the Rock Paper Scissors Collective more than 70 times!)The Disco Room is really fun, too!

$1 - $25, sliding scale.  Additional donations welcome.

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Be a part of a supportive community where writers help each other develop their unique, authentic voices, progress on their projects, and take new risks. This group is wonderful for writers of every level: those just beginning as well as seasoned writers who need a new spark. Writing in any genre will flourish.

Weekly workshops
Thursdays, 7-10pm
Fall group is closed
Tentative upcoming dates for the next weekly workshops:
All dates and fees are subject to change

January 11 - March 16, 2017 (ten weeks)
April 13 - June 15, 2017 (ten weeks)
July 13 - August 10, 2017 (five weeks)
September 14 - November 16, 2017 (ten weeks)

Location in Oakland, to be confirmed.

$400 is the base fee, for ten weeks, ($250 for five-week summer session) but not everyone will pay the base fee. Discounts will be given to provide a diverse group of writers.

Discounts are possible to those who have participated in a monthly Green Windows workshop.
Write to Green Windows about what you can pay, even if it's not much at all.  We have had some generous donations, so don't let money stop you!  We want a diverse group of writers, not just those who can pay.

But pay as much as you can. If we do not meet a minimum total through fees and donations, we will cancel the workshop. At least a few people must pay the full amount to avoid cancellation.

You will be expected to pay for and attend all ten weeks (five for the summer session), however much you are paying.

Can't attend but can help by giving a tax-deductible donation? Here's how. Please specify that it's for the weekly workshops.

Email us to sign up or ask questions.

Write all Weekend! October 22nd and 23rd, 2016

We invite you to write all weekend as part of the
Write Around the World fundraiser for Amherst Writers and Artists (AWA) to provide scholarships for aspiring AWA-Certified Workshop Facilitators.

The AWA workshop method used in all Green Windows workshops is a unique, wonderful method for bringing together people very different from each other. But the training to become a certified AWA workshop facilitator is expensive, which results in a lack of diversity amongst those who run AWA workshops. This fundraiser will support individuals with limited means to become certified AWA facilitators, including, for example, our own Jenna Frisch.

To participate, you will reach out to friends, family and neighbors to sponsor you to write all weekend. (See the AWA WAW Pledge Form.) No donation from your sponsors is too small, and all donations are tax deductible. You can suggest that they donate per hour you intend to write (e.g. at $5 per hour, if you plan to attend two 3-hour workshops, your sponsor will donate $30.) Or they can donate a lump sum. You can begin asking for sponsors immediately.  

Green Windows facilitators Jenna Frisch and Peggy Simmons will be facilitating four workshops throughout the weekend, but you can write whenever, wherever you want on those two days.

Saturday October 22nd
9 am - 12 noon  - Facilitated by Peggy Simmons
2 pm - 5 pm       - Facilitated by Jenna Frisch

Sunday October 23rd
2 pm -  5 pm      - Facilitated by Jenna Frisch
7 pm - 10 pm     - Facilitated by Peggy Simmons

Omni Commons - Disco Room
4799 Shattuck Avenue, Oakland, CA, 94609

To join us:
* Bring your sponsors' donations and forms
* Arrive before the workshop start time. Allow time for parking. We will start on time and the doors will be closed. No pre-registration necessary.

Please bring
(but not required):
* Snacks to share
* A contribution to pay the Omni Commons for rent for the room ($1 - $25 per workshop, suggested).The Omni is a grassroots, 100%-volunteer run community space.

Please arrive before the workshop begins. We will start on time and doors will be closed. Allow time for parking.
* You do not need to sign up, all four workshops will be drop-in.
* Come for just one workshop, all four, or however many you'd like.

All workshops will use the AWA method and will be run like Green Windows' Uniquely Yours monthly workshop.

Each writer can choose one piece written from one of these four workshops that they would like to submit for publication on the AWA website.

Both Jenna and Peggy will be volunteering their facilitation for the workshops. Green Windows will be donating supplies. Your sponsors' donations will go directly to AWA and your rent contributions will go directly to the Omni Commons.

Asking for sponsorship is an opportunity for you to share why writing in community is important to you. You can share your own writing as part of your request and let folks know where they can see your writing in the future (e.g. on the AWA website and in the upcoming Green Windows anthology).

This is a global event. Writers in Mexico, France, Canada, Ireland, and across the U.S. will be writing through that weekend. You will be part of a worldwide workshop!

Questions? Call or write Contact us.

Donate directly to Green Windows: Writing Groups
Donate directly to Amherst Writers and Artists
Donate directly to The Omni Commons

Please let us know if you are interested in one-day writing retreats or know community organizations who might be interested in our workshops.

Past workshops

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